What we do

Cable supply & sourcing

CORDS has a broad network of cable supply partners around the world, who are able to respond to virtually any (currently specified) technical requirement.  As always, the required volumes of cable will dictate the pricing and lead-time of the finished product.  If you are struggling to find something that is possibly on the unusual side, why not try and stump us with your requirements?

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Retractile (coiled) cords assembly

Not every cable type can be coiled – only cables with particular outer insulation characteristics can be used.  CORDS is able to source appropriate cable types that can retain a retractile memory, and we form coiled cords to customer specification.  We have made coil cords for telecommunications handsets, industrial and 3-phase power installations, lighting, data communications, automotive applications and more …

Cable cutting, stripping, crimping, soldering & finishing

A range of crimping and cutting equipment enables our skilled staff to undertake a variety of crimping, tagging, cable cutting, connector placement and soldering services.

Cable/loom assembly to customer specification

CORDS is well-placed to source specific componentry for specialist applications.  With over 100 years of combined industry experience, CORDS staff is passionate about meeting exacting technical specifications for specialised assembly requests.