cable assembly, wire looms and harnesses, coil cords, cable supply, modular plugs, patch panels, wall mount sockets ... and more
  • Welcome

    Based in Cape Town, South Africa, CORDS manufactures and supplies:

    • cable (including specialised cable for forming retractile cords)
    • cable assemblies, wire looms & harnesses
    • retractile (coil) cords (for power, industrial, telecommunications & data applications)
    • telecoms & data networking plugs, sockets and adapters, surface mount jacks, patch panels
    • a range of cable entry grommets & boots

  • Cable & Loom Assembly

    CORDS is well positioned to cater for a broad variety of cable assembly requirements – this is reflected in the diverse industry spectrum of applications for which we currently produce assemblies.

    We have a range of specialised skills and equipment which ensures that we are able to provide quality products with an excellent reputation for reliability and robustness.

    Why should you outsource your cable assembly requirements to CORDS?

  • Cable Suppy

    CORDS sources and supplies a range of cable types from a distributed supplier base around the globe.  We have a particular strength in locating “hard-to-find” cable types, and welcome you to challenge us to locate a cable type which you may have been struggling to obtain!

    Whilst we can arrange for the manufacture of the “wild & wonderful”, please remember that an MOQ may apply to any manufactured quantity.

    Cable Suppy